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C'ensil PIH Mask

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Enjoy Your Laser Treatment!

Innovative calming cream developed to prevent or limit signs linked to excessive temperature exposures and oxidative stresses.
Helps to relieve the burning sensation and pain immediately after Fractional Laser/ RFtreatment, and prevents PIH and side effects, which enables to maximize the treatment benefits.


Prevents PIH by Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Inflammation

SOD(natural Superoxide Dismutase) : Powerful antioxidant that can defend the skin cells against peroxidation of fatty acids and protect DNA against free radicals

Ubiquinone(coenzyme Q10) : Liposoluble “Vitamin-like” component that protects against the formation of free radicals at the intracytoplasmic level.

Relieves Burning Sensation and Pain Immediately

  • No Steroid, No Lidocaine, No Menthol: Know-how Ingredient Compound from decades-long experiment and research.
  • Refreshing and smooth textured cream can be evenly spread on treatment area without stimulation.

Skin Regeneration by HSP (Heat Shock Protein) induction.

*Trehalose is one of the key ingredients of PIH mask, and it strongly stimulates our physiological HSP production and increases skin resistance to the thermal stress. HSP is essential for maintaining the viability of protein structures, such as new proteins synthesis, damaged proteins repair and removing destroyed protein.


  • Censil PIH Mask (30g) can be used 10 times.
  • Apply adequate amount (3g for Full face) and spread thickly on treatment area.
  • Use it every 8 hours with a clean hand after treatment.