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Plasma BT ce

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Plasma BT energy, which is an ionized gas that has an electrical energy, works throughout the surface of the skin to the level of epidermis.

As the electrical energy flows from the external to the internal, its intensity changes with its flow and induces different effects on different parts of the skin.

Plasma Surgical hand piece

  • - Blepharoplasty / Eyelid correction
  • - Epidermal pigmentation / Scar & stretch mark removal
  • - Acne treatment
  • - Skin regeneration
  • - Wrinkle improvement (eye / lips)
  • - Sagging skin improvement
Needle Guide
  • - Needle guide enables to keep stable distance from the skin which makes much easier treatment

- Various power control

Shot Mode (Shot time and power control)
  • - Function that delivers accurate energy during selected time
  • - Able to select 0.3sec / 0.4sec / 0.5sec / 0.6sec
  • - Apply in lifting, acnes, wrinkle improvement
    (Function which helps surgical technique)
Pulse Mode (Pulse shot time and power control)
  • - Function which accurate energy in pulse
  • - Able to select 2Hz / 7Hz / 15Hz / 40Hz
    (2~40 times inject / 1sec)
  • - Apply in scar and stretch marks removal, lifting, wrinkle improvement
    (Function which helps surgical technique)
Continuous Mode (Power control)
  • - Function which continuously inject energy while pressing the button
  • - Can be applied in all modes
    (Function where the surgical technique of the user is important)

Plasma Shower hand piece

  • - TDDS(Transdermal Drug Delivery System)
  • - Collagen remodeling
  • - Anti-inflammation / Anti-bacteria
  • - Skin regeneration
  • - Wrinkle improvement (eye / lips)
  • - Sagging skin improvement
Large & small cap
  • - Large & small shower tips enable to apply various area of face

Powerful Low Temperature atmospheric plasma spreads sterilized & ionized radical on skin surface which brings skin rejuvenation/ sterilization/ anti-bacteria/ TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System)/ whitening/ collagen generation

Clinical result

- Surgical hand piece

- Shower hand piece

- Specification

Energy type (Surgical) Atmospheric pressure plasma
Energy type (shower) Low-temperature atmospheric plasma
Display 8.5 inch LCD touch screen
Input voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Size 316(W) x 316(D) x 280(H) mm
Weight 10Kg