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PURISMA creates and delivers patient-friendly energy in the form of ‘PLASMA’ to purify and rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles. Also, it is effective to various types of scars as well as skin pigmentation associated with photoaging.
PURISMAenergy is transferred into every layer of skin by specially designed JET hand piece and SPOT hand piece which provide various applications from Inject to Space and Touch.

Functions & Features

Treatment with JET Hand Piece
  • - Sterilization
  • - Skin regeneration
  • - Toning
  • - Acne treatment

JET clinical results

Functions & Features

Treatment with SPOT HP
  • - Eyelid lifting
  • - Scar removal
  • - Keloids
  • - Stretch marks

SPOT clinical results

Advantages of PURISMA


Dimension Weight Power Input Maximum Output Power
Main Unit 28(W) 30(D) 11(H) cm 2.2KG AC100~240V,
SPOT: 2.5W
JET: 4.0W
Hand Piece 28(W) 30(D) 11(H) cm 0.2KG