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“Advanced Aesthetic Pioneer”


With a great expectation of realistic beauty in this world and positive energy towards the beauty, we pursue the direction for mutual human prosperity and happiness oriented. We believe in an obsession of beauty as a valuable desire, and we are extending this belief based upon humanity. Prioritized humanism and pioneer in aesthetic field, GRAND AESPIO INC


Fine Medical was established in 1988. It was aimed to distribute variety of innovative and advanced medical products made in Europe and US from Korea.

In 2005, the company was re-named as ‘GRAND AESPIO INC.’, and was reshaped its structure focusing on exporting Korean products of high performance in obesity and anti-aging to the world wide as well as importing popular cosmeceutical products for local medical market.

Quality, Excellency and Professionalism represent the philosophy of our company. Indeed, being always on the position of leaders in Korean Medical market has allowed the company to grow in the reliable manner. Actually, AESPIO (combined word for Aesthetic Pioneer) has the ambition of responding to different needs of Medical Aesthetic Field in Korea, by offering the newest technology and high quality products both in equipment and in cosmeceuticals. AESPIO always tries to develop the latest scientific advances as a Pioneer would do.

  • Plasma Pro was launched
  • $10 million export achievement
  • The 4th World LFL User Workshop
  • LFL live training sessions in Seoul & Busan with partners from UK, Austria, Israel and Hong Kong
  • LFL Anchor MAX was launched
  • LFL MESH was launched
  • Blandice FILL & FEEL Patch/Mask were launched
  • The 3rd world LFL User Workshop
  • The world's first LFL Anchor was launched
  • $6 million export achievement
  • Second Annual LFL User Meeting
  • Exclusivity of ‘Plasma BT’
  • Exclusivity of ‘Introfill,’
  • Established partnership with ‘AMICO’ (Saudi Arabia)
  • First Annual LFL User Meeting
  • $5 Million export achievement
  • Established partnership with ‘CROMA’ (Austria)
  • Achieved Patent on PDO Thread
  • Extended business areas on advanced devices and post-treatments such as ‘MultiShape’ and ‘PIH Mask’
  • Fine Micro Cannula (FMC) / Fine Micro Syringe (FMS) were certified and launched
  • $3 Million export achievement
  • Established partnership with ‘Beauty Expert’ (Russia)
  • Lead Fine Lift (LFL) was launched
  • Exclusivity of ‘Ganassini’ (Italy)
  • Production Facility (LFL) was founded
  • Company name “Fine Medical Inc.” has changed to “Grand Aespio Inc.”
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘SAGE’ for “C’ensil” (USA)
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘Skin Tech & Aesthetic Dermal’
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘KMI’s Feather Lift, Wire Scalpel’ (USA)
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘Advance Beauty’ (France)
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘CFK Concepts’ Skintonic’ (France)
  • Established “Fine Medical Inc.” (Jan. 10th)
  • Asia-Pacific distributor contract with ‘Medical Innovation’ (France)
  • Exclusive distributor contract with ‘Lastronic/Laser’ (Switzerland)
  • Lead domestic medical laser market