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Advanced Derma-Roller with Patented Technique


International patented Polymer
The material of Needle is made of international patented Polymer developed by KAIST.
Transdermal delivery system
Mi-Roll with specially manufactured micro needle will help topical medications in being efficiently absorbed through the several hundred thousands of micro holes by the needling operation and are playing the role of pathway of active ingredients on both epidermis and dermis.
No side effect
The needle of Mi-Roll is, thanks to its revolutionary Micro needle in patented polymer, will cause any side effect, and even not be broken at all and is biodegradable.


Size Features
0.25 mm
  • Home care use
  • Improve the skin tone. Efficient for whitening care.
0.5 mm
  • Professional use
  • Penetration into epidermis and even dermis.
  • Improve pigmentation disorder. Efficient for whitening.
1.0 mm
  • Crow's feet care and Anti-hair loss
  • Professional use
  • Penetration into dermis.
  • Accelerate the collagen genesis and induce scar repair (even stretch mark) in consequence.
  • Efficient for wrinkle care, for skin rejuvenation by improving skin elasticity.