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Non Invasive & Non Surgical

Intensive Lipoplasty & Facial Lifting with Optimized Professional Care

Versatile Applications

  • - Body remodeling & reshaping
  • - Cellulite & fat reduction
  • - Facial Lifting & Skin tightening
  • - Wrinkle treatment
  • Body Remodeling & Reshaping
  • Cellulite & Fat Reduction
  • Facial Lifting & Skin Tightening
  • Wrinkle treatment

Patented Super Pulse Technology

More accurately controlled suction and release level by patented technology enhances treatment efficiency by increasing the movement of targeted areas.

MultiShape mini effectively targets various areas of body and face with 3 different sized applicators.
The controllable RF and Vacuum level options with 4 pulse modes are the best suited to perform the comfortable treatment based on patients’ sensitivity.
Sliding Super Pulse, patented technology, provides super dynamic and smooth performance with powerful effect.


  • - Stabilized RF & Vacuum assisted with LED Light Therapy
  • - Effectiveness with complete Safety
  • - Smooth treatment by Sliding Super Pulse
  • - Versatile applications with Visible Result
  • - Suitable to treat targeted areas by 3 different sized handpieces
  • - Mobility by Compact Size